Abyss Order (Youtubers to avoid)

Abyss Order - Youtubers to Avoid

As for any game, but especially with Genshin Impact, YouTube is plagued by content creators who continue to spread misinformation. This not only hurts the people who watch their content, but the entire community as a whole. Viewers who learn about the misinformation then spread it like wildfire, causing a lot of the player base to have the wrong idea about many things.

Keep in mind, this is all my opinion. You have the right to agree or disagree with me.


Has a history of toxic behaviour in his previous gacha games, such as Ark Knights. He was actually kicked out of that community by the Chinese as they exposed him copying their strategies without understanding how his own units worked. He is very vocal about his opinions and will never admit that he is wrong even though he is wrong a numerous amount of times. He always speaks in a very loud and hype tone, making his blind viewers echo his misinformation.‌


Drama queen. He started as a whale and got all the characters in the game, only to create fake drama in order to keep his view count high. He started a free to play account and is still trying to get views from it.‌

Demone Kim

Terrible attitude on top of a lot of misinformation. Kim is known for disregarding his free to play characters voice, as they are not contributing enough money to the game. Here is the clip of him doing so. This is ironic as free to play players make up the game. They dedicate their time to play this game and that gives them equal right to complain about the game. However some people do complain about stupid things.‌


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