Companionship EXP Grind

Companionship EXP Grind

Here is the daily companionship EXP grind method I use! It gets you 150 additional EXP a day. You can perform random events up to 10 times. This specific location will give you 15 companionship EXP per clear versus the standard 10. Get those namecards! I will show two different methods, method 2 being a lot faster but requiring a portable teleporter. Note that the only random events you should be doing are:

  • Chubby Crisis
  • Dangerous Cluster
  • Eliminating the Hidden Danger (you only need to break the training equipment)
  • Increasing Danger
  • Strange Mark
  • The Prey
Method 1: No Portable Teleporter

1. Teleport to this location north of Wolvendom.

2. These two locations are the most common random event spawns.

3. Log out and log in at one of the two spots or the teleporter until a random event (remember, not quests) shows up in the middle of your screen, then clear it.

4. After you clear the event, stand at one of the two main locations and log out.

5. Once you log back in, if you are at the top location you will see another event at the bottom location, and if you are at the bottom run up to the teleporter. If you don’t see the random event at those locations or the rare locations, log out and log back in.

Method 2: Portable Teleporter

1. Place your portable teleporter at this location.

2. After logging out, a random event at this spot may occur. If nothing happens or a quest appears instead, log out and keep repeating until a random event occurs.

3. After finishing the event, teleport back to the teleporter and repeat step 2.


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