Elemental Mastery and Reaction Mechanics

Elemental Mastery and Reaction Mechanics
Aura/Trigger Elements
  • The first element applied onto the enemy is the aura element. The applied element has an “elemental gauge” that depletes over time, or by triggering a reaction.
  • Targets affected by the aura element have these small effects.
Applies Cryo and educes the target's movement/attack speed.
Applies Pyro and causes damage over time.
Applies Wet.
Applies Electro.
  • The second element that is applied to a target, which causes an elemental reaction and depletes the elemental gauge.
  • Geo and Anemo will be trigger elements in most cases.
Amping Reactions
  • These reactions amplify the attack that triggered it. This means that amping reactions are best on big, single hits. (E.g., Diluc’s first hit of Dawn, and would be less effective with Xiangling’s Pyronado).
  • The element that acts as the trigger matters.
Reverse Melt (150% Damage + Elemental Mastery Bonus)
Melt (200% Damage + Elemental Mastery Bonus)
Reverse Vaporize (150% Damage + Elemental Mastery Bonus)
Vaporize (200% Damage + Elemental Mastery Bonus)
Transformative Reactions
  • Transformative reactions do flat damage based on three variables: Level of trigger character, EM of trigger character, and Elemental resistance of the enemy.
  • Damage ceiling is lower versus amping.
  • ATK, CRIT, and Elemental% boosts do not affect transformative reactions.
Element 1Element 2Reaction
Electro-Charged (AoE damage over time that arcs)
Superconduct (Tiny AoE damage and -40% Physical resistance debuff to target)
Overloaded (AoE Pyro damage explosion)
Swirl (Spreads the aura element and deals additional damage)
Crystallize (Creates a shield based on the aura element)
Frozen (Freezes target in place)
Shatter (Deals additional physical damage)
Elemental Mastery Mechanics

Elemental mastery should be built on the trigger character, NOT the aura character. The character that applies the element the fastest and most frequently is most of the time the aura character (E.g., Xingqiu). Every composition has a different trigger/aura character. The chart below shows that elemental mastery is mostly a linear curve, which means that there is little drop-off for high EM. Stack as much elemental mastery as you can if required!

Credits: ​/u/Dandan0587


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