Energy Recharge Mechanics

Energy Recharge Mechanics
Elemental Particles
  • Automatically gets absorbed by your character.
  • Particles generated from skills will be of that element (e.g., Klee’s skill will create fire particles).
  • Elemental Skills – particle amount varies from character to character (only exception is Noelle, who cannot make particles).
  • Enemy HP thresholds, generally 50% and 0%, but will vary from enemy to enemy – two neutral particles.
  • About every ~4 auto attacks, you create one energy.
Elemental Orbs
  • Must be manually picked up.
  • Will give three times what a particle would give.
  • Mostly dropped from elite enemies (e.g., Large elemental slimes).
Energy Particle/Orb Values
 Elemental ParticleElemental OrbClear ParticleClear Orb
On-field, same element3.
Party, same element1.
On-field, different element1.
Party, diferent element0.
Tips on Generating Elemental Bursts
  • Have the character you want to charge on field to pick up particles/orbs (167% more energy than the rest of the team)
      • This is especially important for supports. If you want the support’s elemental burst, don’t leave the field until they pick up their elemental skill’s particles!
  • Using two characters of the same element effectively triples (300%) your energy generation.
  • Use your Elemental Skill and cancel it with your Elemental Burst instead of the other way around. This gives the elemental particles generated from your skill to reach you on time while you are invulnerable during your burst. (does not apply on some characters such as Mona)
  • Use your support characters’ skills off cooldown to maximize particle generation.


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