Teyvat Cookbook

FoodNameMap LocationObtain LocationEffectRarityDescriptionIngredients
Fisherman's ToastN/AN/AIncreases all party members' DEF by 126 for 300s.★★☆☆☆Onion-covered toast. A favorite amongst fishermen, they will stuff a bag with it and sit by the river all day.
Teyvat Fried EggN/AN/ARevives a character and restores 150 HP.★☆☆☆☆An egg fried on one side. The yolk flows out nicely when broken. So satisfying.
SteakN/AN/ARevives a character and restores 150 HP.★☆☆☆☆A grilled steak. High heat has locked the juices in, giving one high expectations for when the meat is cut open.
Chicken-Mushroom SkewerN/AN/ARestores 10% of Max HP and 1,200 HP to the selected character.★☆☆☆☆A skewer of mushrooms and poultry. Fresh poultry is complimented by fragrant mushrooms. Don't be picky, chow down!
Flaming Red BologneseRestores 22% of Max HP to the selected character. Regenerates 470 HP every 5s for the next 30s.★★☆☆☆Bolognese covered with a meat sauce. The meaty, herby aroma really gets your appetite going.
Radish Veggie SoupN/AN/ARestores 10% of Max HP to the selected character. Regenerates 300 HP every 5s for the next 30s.★☆☆☆☆Radish-based vegetable soup. Its flavor is delicately between tart and sweet. With luscious radish, it's a well-balanced dish.
Tea Break PancakeRevives a character and restores 550 HP.★★☆☆☆A stack of round pancakes. A staple originating from afternoon tea in manors. Only the best berries should be picked for this dish.
Fried Radish BallsN/AN/AIncreases all party members' ATK by 95 for 300s.★★☆☆☆Fried Radish Balls. Fragrant and crispy. Make sure to eat them  while they're hot! Said to be a recipe from Liyue.
Satisfying SaladN/AN/AIncreases all party members' CRIT rate by 12% for 300s.★★☆☆☆A vegetable salad. Not just steamed potatoes and fresh vegetables, but also a hard-boiled egg to top it off. Satisfying to both the eyes and stomach.
Sweet MadameN/AN/ARestores 24% of Max HP and an additional 1,500 HP.★★☆☆☆Honey-roasted fowl. The honey and sweet flowers come together to compliment the tender fowl meat.
Northern Smoked ChickenRestores 60 Stamina.★★☆☆☆Smoked fowl paired with vegetables. A dish fit for a King. Go on, find one and serve him with pride.
Cream StewDecreases Stamina depleted by sprinting for all party members by 25% for 900s.★★☆☆☆A meat and vegetable stew. These warm, buttery ingredients are so good that you almost want to dive into the cream stew and cuddle up with them.
Mushroom PizzaRestores 30% of Max HP to the selected character. Regenerates 790 HP every 5s for 30s.★★★☆☆A pizza covered in cheese and mushrooms. It's a party in your mouth and the cheese and mushrooms invited all their delicious friends.
Mondstadt Hash BrownRestores 34% of Max HP and an additional 1,900 HP.★★★☆☆A fried cake of mashed potatoes. Close your eyes and feel the mild breeze and sweet dew that Mondstadt offers.
Calla Lily Seafood SoupIncreases all party members' DEF by 235 for 300s.★★★☆☆A balanced combination of seafood. The crab, mint and calla lily come together perfectly to dance on your tongue. It reminds you of playing barefoot by the lake in summer.
Sautéed MatsutakeIncreases all party members' ATK by 228 for 300s.★★★☆☆Sautéed slices of Matsutake. So smooth and fragrant, eating them is like having the bursting vitality of spring absorbed into your stomach.
"Pile 'Em Up"Increases all party members' CRIT Rate by 20% for 300s.★★★☆☆A rich, meaty dish. Piled in just the right way to be both aesthetically pleasing and delicious all the way through. I wonder if we can pile it a little higher...
Cold Cut Platter Increases all party members' Physical DMG by 40% for 300s.★★★☆☆A plate of cold cut meat. The seasoning is just delightful enough to bring out the flavors perfectly. With a mouth full of meaty ecstasy, one worries about nothing.
Sticky Honey RoastMaster's Day OffDecreases all party member's climbing and sprinting Stamina consumption by 25% for 900s.★★★☆☆A meat dish in a sweet honey sauce. The warm honey draws out the flavor of the meat, creating a flavor explosion akin to bathing in the warm summer sun.
Crab, Ham & Veggie BakeFood Delivery Daily Commission involving Lively OrleanRevives the selected character. Restores 1,500 HP.★★★☆☆A luxurious bake. The scent is so rich and heavenly. You'll only be done once you lick the plate clean.
Jade ParcelsCooking ShowdownIncreases all party members' ATK by 320 and CRIT Rate by 10% for 300s.★★★★☆An exquisite-looking dish. The sweetness of ham and the crisp lotus seeds are a match made in heaven. The aromatic broth pours down like the dawning light, caressing your tongue with an unworldly delicious taste.
Zhongyuan Chop SueyOld Tastes Die HardDecreases all party members' climbing and sprinting Stamina consumption by 25% for 900s.★★★☆☆A seasoned and cooked meat dish. The authentic "Liyue taste" of this aromatic dish makes it a comfort food for golden-agers that may bring a tear to their eyes.
Black-Back Perch StewRestores 30% of Max HP to the selected character and regenerates 790 HP every 5s for 30s.★★★☆☆A poached fish dish. The fish fillets are so tender and juicy that they almost seem to come alive in your mouth. The sense of loss is so unbearable when you swallowed a piece down that you just had to treat yourself to another piece.
Squirrel FishRestores 34% of Max HP and an additional 1,900 HP.★★★☆☆A hard-to-prepare fish dish. The fish is expertly handled to exhibit an elegant shape; however, the exquisitely balanced sweet-and-sour taste is really where the dish truly comes alive. The culinary skills involved in preparing this dish can impress even the greatest chefs of Liyue.
Almond TofuIncreases all party members' ATK by 95 for 300s.★★☆☆☆A dessert made from ground almonds. It has the exquisite look and texture of that of a piece of white jade, and could pass as an art piece — so much so that you could not entertain the idea of actually eating it.
Jueyun Chili ChickenIncreases all party members' CRIT Rate by 12% for 300s.★★☆☆☆Cold chicken mixed in dressings. The chicken is extremely tender, juicy, and sweet. The delicious taste transports you to the realm of dreams.
Jewelry SoupCustodian of the CloudsIncreases all party members' DEF by 126 for 300s.★★☆☆☆A simple vegetable soup. The mild-tasting soup is filled with the fragrance of fresh vegetables. This down-to-earth and heart-warming soup can rival any luxurious dish.
Matsutake Meat RollsCustodian of the CloudsRestores 24% of Max HP and an additional 1,500 HP.★★☆☆☆A pan-fried meat dish. It combines the essences of the mountains and the nourishments of the celestial bodies. It is a very nutritious dish that will surely bring a smile to your face.
Mora MeatCustodian of the CloudsRevives a character and restores 150 HP.★☆☆☆☆A large hunk of minced meat packaged inside of a pastry. With a crispy crust and tender meat, this legendary delicacy is so succulent that not even Mora laid in front of you could distract you from enjoying it.
Mondstadt Grilled FishN/AN/ARevives a character and restores 150 HP.★☆☆☆☆Fish grilled thoroughly with moderate fire, locking the delicious juices inside the meat under the crispy skin. A small bite is all that's needed to unlock its wondrous and delicious taste.
Stir-Fried FiletRevives a character and restores 150 HP.★☆☆☆☆Slices of meat stir-fried on high heat. The spiciness is as a blaze amidst a field of snow that ignites your appetite and leaves you craving more.
Golden CrabBeyond This World's StarsIncreases all party members' DEF by 308 and healing effects by 10% for 300s.★★★★☆A crab dish cooked in the ancient ways. The aroma of the crab meat inundates the room the instant it leaves the frying pan, and a single bite fills one's palate with the countless rustic flavors of a fishing village hometown. It seems that such simple yet timeless village customs held the secret to this lavish, golden sumptuousness all along.
Crystal ShrimpRestores 22% of Max HP to the selected character and regenerates 470 HP every 5s for 30s.★★☆☆☆One of Liyue's traditional snacks. The outer skin is as clear as its crystal namesake, and when it enters the mouth, one's tongue could be forgiven for thinking that the fresh shrimp within is still alive. Those who eat it can only lament that four pieces per serving is far, far too few.
Grilled Tiger FishRestores 10% of Max HP and an additional 1,200 HP.★☆☆☆☆A fish kebab grilled over an open flame. The shimmering golden skin has locked the fresh and tender meat in. You cannot help but sigh in satisfaction as you chew on it. Not a scrap of meat here will go uneaten, not even those stuck firmly to the bamboo stick.
Barbatos Ratatouille Decreases all party members' gliding and sprinting Stamina consumption by 25% for 900s.★★★☆☆A simple chowder with a long history. After much careful stewing, the flavors of three different vegetables have been blended to perfection. Like this, it is not hard to imagine why someone once called it "the best chowder I've ever tasted."
Lotus Seed and Bird Egg SoupDecreases all party members'sprinting Stamina consumption by 25% for 900s.★★☆☆☆A steaming egg dish. The succulent eggs melt right in your mouth, and before you know it, a smooth and subtle sweetness of newly sprung lotus flowers covers your tastebuds.
Adeptus' TemptationIncreases all party members' ATK by 372 and CRIT Rate by 12% for 300s.★★★★★A complex, famous type of Liyue cuisine. This dish is a rare and exquisite mix of both land and sea, combining countless delicious delicacies in one flavor-filled pot. Each mouthful is a moment to remember — it's even irresistible enough to entice the adepti down from their celestial abode.
Golden Shrimp BallsRevives a character and restores 1,500 HP.★★★☆☆A deep-fried shrimp dish. From the rich, indulgent scent of crispy golden potato strips, to the satisfying crunch as you take your first bite, to the grand finale of delicious sweet shrimp, this dish is pure pleasure.
Qingce Stir FryIncreases all party members' ATK by 228 for 300s.★★★☆☆A dish cooked over a roaring fire. Just catching a whiff is enough to work up one's appetite. The tingle of chili titillates the tongue. leaving you ready to devour ten bowls in a single sitting.
Come and Get ItIncreases all party members' CRIT Rate by 20% for 300s.★★★☆☆A dish made out of a luxurious variety of ingredients. The mixture of meat and vegetables is spot-on, the presentation is flawless, and the blend of flavors in the broth brings out the best of everything. Don't mind if I do.
Apple CiderRestores 26% of Max HP to the selected character and regenerates 570 HP every 5s for 30s.★★☆☆☆A freshly squeezed, fashionable, and fruity non-alcoholic beverage. Said to have a strong sobering effect, tavern patrons often order this as the last drink of the night.N/A
Noodles with Mountain DelicaciesRestores 60 Stamina.★★☆☆☆Noodles in a meat-and-vegetable sauce. The seemingly ordinary noodles has absorbed the essence of the mountainous delicacies. A single mouthful is enough to taste its extreme freshness.
Bamboo Shoot SoupRestores 30% of Max HP to the selected character. Regenerates 790 HP every 5s for 30s.★★★☆☆A soup dish that's been stewed for a good long while. One whiff is enough to whet one's appetite greatly, and the concentrated flavors fill your body with every spoonful of soup. It is almost like spreading a pair of wings and walking on clouds.
Triple-Layered ConsomméIncreases all party members' Shield strength by 30%.★★★☆☆A neatly arranged dish. The evenly-sized threads reveal exquisite knife-work. Rather than a dish, this seems more like a work of art. But once you work up the wherewithal to pick up those chopsticks and have at it, the delicious flavors will be utter bliss - leaving this as a mere work of art would be such a shame.
Tianshu MeatIncreases all party members' Physical DMG by 45% and CRIT Rate by 10% for 300s.★★★★☆A braised meat dish. Its intense aroma can be detected from miles away. The ingredients look exquisite in every way, capturing the essence of its original design. It would not look out of place on a gourmet spread at Yuehai Pavilion.
Lotus Flower CrispIncreases all party members' DEF by 235 for 300s.★★★☆☆One of Liyue's traditional snacks. The flower petals waver to life if you gently blow on them. As you close your eyes and take a bite, a luscious flavor covers your tastebuds like a sweet harmony of blooming flowers and fluttering birds in the breeze.
Moon PieIncreases all party members' Shield Strength by 35% and DEF by 235 for 300s.★★★★☆A traditional staple from Mondstadt. As you cut a slice off this small meat pie, the aromas of butter and meat assault your senses simultaneously. The rustic, sweet mouthfeel reminds you of the sights and sounds of harvest festivals, bringing a smile unbidden to your face.
Adventurer's Breakfast SandwichIncreases all party members' ATK by 228 for 300s.★★★☆☆A nutritious egg dish. The mayonnaise rises like the sun over the rippling poached egg's surface, and the exquisite mouthfeel really hits the spot. The unique salty flavor of the ham cuts right through the mix as well, like light parting the gathered clouds.
Northern Apple Stew Restores 34% of Max HP and an additional 1,900 HP.★★★☆☆A dish with braised meat and apples. The meat is juicy in the extreme, and no matter how much of it you eat, you still want more. The way every breath you take is tinged with the flavor of apples reminds you of nothing so much as lying in an apple orchard.
Universal PeaceRestores 34% of Max HP and an additional 1,900 HP to the selected character.★★★☆☆Colorful staple food. The sweet-and-sour preserved fruit is bound to the rich mouthfeel of the rice as if by invisible threads. Even after you swallow, the faint fragrance remains on your lips, increasing your sense of satisfaction by an order of magnitude.
GoulashAh, Fresh Meat!Decreases the rate of Sheer Cold accumulation for all party members for 900s.★★☆☆☆A steaming-hot stew. Just one spoonful sends a down-to-earth sense of satisfaction welling up from the depths of your heart. The meat's flavor grows with every chew, bringing limitless strength to the eater even in the coldest wintry wastes.
Sunshine SpratThe Second Experiment: The WorldIncreases all party members' Shield strength by 30% for 300s.★★★☆☆Gently fried fish dish. The fish melts in your mouth, melding the flavors of the land and sea together as it does, making for an unforgettable experience. Little wonder, then, that such a simply-made dish can make it into restaurants of great class.
Jueyun GuobaIncreases all party members' Physical DMG by 40% for 300s.★★★☆☆One of Liyue's specialty snacks. Chow down on that lovely, fragrant crust and the steaming ham sitting atop it. The spices and spiciness race neck and neck into your nostrils, creating an addictive flavor that has you licking that last finger rather than let a single scrap go to waste.
Fullmoon EggRevives a character and restores 1,500 HP.★★★☆☆One of Liyue's traditional snacks. Take a bite while it's hot, and have your tastebuds savor the tender minced meat and delicious juice,an experience which is then topped off with a finishing touch of sweet prawn. Before your eyes, you can almost see a full moon over rippling waters, a fishing boat by the shore, and the fishermen's songs echoing down the years.
Vegetarian AbaloneRevives a character and restores 550 HP.★★☆☆☆A vegetarian dish with a rich flavor. With the aid of the sauce, the matsutake has achieved an excellent, elegant mouth-feel that so rivals scallop in tenderness and abalone in freshness that you can hardly tell them apart. If you left your customer guessing before revealing the truth later, you would be sure to earn their astonished praise.
Stone Harbor DelicaciesIncreases all party members' CRIT Rate by 12% for 300s. In Co-Op Mode, this effect only applies to your own character(s).★★☆☆☆Wok-fried vegetarian food. Wok-fried vegetarian food. The scents of the earth, the cool shade, and the moistness of the mist have all been enjoined into this plate of freshness. Pair it with simple white rice - both your taste buds and your soul shall experience a down-to-earth satisfaction many times over.
Holy WaterNothing.★★★☆☆A bottle of clear, colorless, and contaminant-free liquid. Indistinguishable from ordinary spring water. May or may not be worth putting all of one's hopes into.N/A
Pop's Teas Restores 14% of Max HP to the selected character and regenerates 350 HP every 5s for 30s.★☆☆☆☆Tea from Liyue. After a grueling trek around the vast region of Liyue, there's nothing more rejuvenating than a big swig of tea from Pop's Teas.N/A
Wolfhook JuiceIncreases all party members' ATK by 114 for 300s.★★☆☆☆A freshly squeezed, fashionable, and fruity non-alcoholic beverage. Iced Wolfhook juice mixed with a pinch of other ingredients, forming a dreamy shade of violet.N/A
Berry & Mint BurstIncreases all party members' CRIT Rate by 16% for 300s.★★☆☆☆A freshly squeezed, fashionable, and fruity non-alcoholic beverage. A refreshing burst of Mint with Berries to sweeten the deal, it has an exquisite aroma.N/A


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