Tips for Beginners

Welcome to Genshin Impact! Here are a list of things that you should read through. These are some tips on the game, as well as mistakes you should not make!

  1. Do not rush the game! Take your time and enjoy the game. You will get a more rewarding and fun experience.
  2. Do not 100% go by tier lists (specifically! A majority of the tier lists for this game are inaccurate. Tier lists should be based on how much investment/return a character provides.
  3. Do not use your Primogems on the Standard Banner, the characters/weapons featured are not rated up!
    • Also note that the pity here does NOT contribute to the Limited Event Wish/Limited Weapon Banner
  4. Do not use your Primogems on the Limited Weapon Banner, you will not be able to obtain a 5* character from here, and the weapon you want is never guaranteed.
  5. Do not level all your characters up! Try to focus on a single team, as levelling and building characters becomes very expensive.
    • Character experience books and Mora are hard to come by in the later levels.
  6. Complete your daily commissions (purple icons on map)! They reward you with Primogems.
  7. A good way to use your resin early game is to do talent/weapon material domains.
  8. Save your Fragile Resin! It will be needed later.
  9. Once unlocking weekly bosses, make sure to do them! They cost 30 resin for the first three, then 60 to claim rewards and can only be done once a week, hence the name.
  10. Save your prototypes! You may end up rolling something that will put your prototypes to waste (Forging a Prototype Archaic, then rolling a Wolf’s Gravestone)
    • This is especially important to consider as prototypes have more than one recipe (Claymore: Whiteblind vs. Archaic), and certain characters will need a specific one.
  11. Explore and open chests! They will give you the region’s specific sigil, which can be used to exchange for goodies.
    • Each region will give you constellations for the Traveler
    • Liyue has a lot of valuable prototypes to exchange
  12. Actively collect oculi! Offering oculi to the region’s Statue of the Seven will increase your maximum stamina.
  13. Check your Adventure Book to see what objectives there are! They give good rewards as well as teach you about the basics of Teyvat.
  14. Make use of custom map pins!
  15. Starting at AR25, do weekly reputation quests/bounties.
  16. Refine at least one of every 3/4* weapon to 5 before using them as fodder.


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