Understanding ATK%

Understanding ATK%

The reason why ATK% is not as good as it sound (on goblets/circlets) is because it only applies to BASE ATTACK (Character Base ATK + Weapon ATK).

The circled number is the total base attack.

Example: Different Scenarios with Damage% and ATK% for Goblet for Xiao

Each calculation is done without including critical hits and enemies. Each scenario’s artifacts apply to both goblets.

Scenario 1 – Only Plume

Scenario 2 – Plume and Sands (ATK%)

Scenario 3 – Plume, Sands, and Substats (ATK% and FLATATK)

ScenarioGoblet 1 (ATK%, 46.6%)Goblet 2 (Damage%, 46.6%) Total Difference

Link to Calculations


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