What’s wrong with Genshin Impact right now?

Here is a list of ideas to complain about on the next miHoYo survey. These are not listed in any particular order.

  1. Resin regeneration rate
  2. Repetitive domains
  3. Lack of endgame
  4. Summon rates
  5. Coop features
  6. Electro is underwhelming
  7. Weapon prototype drop rates
  8. Ley line rewards
  9. Artifact expensive investment
  10. Bow aiming
  11. Weekly material drop
  12. 2-factor authorization
  13. mhyprot2.exe blue screen of death
  14. Shield HP Bar
  15. Collect all expeditions
  16. Max friend capacity
  17. Ability to interact with playable characters
  18. Teleport to boss nodes
  19. Dvalin’s neck physics
  20. Increase custom pin cap
  21. Remove weekly boss resin cost
  22. Reduce the RNG of daily commissions/add use to quest keys
  23. Pity counter on banner
  24. Toggleable character constellations
  25. Rework of certain character constellations (Qiqi & Keqing)
  26. Damage testing location
  27. Timer for buffs and skill effects
  28. Crafting in Co-Op
  29. Interact with shops in Co-Op
  30. Ability to Co-Op quests
  31. Ability to activate monuments as a guest in Co-Op
  32. Ability to activate Statue of the Sevens in Co-Op
  33. Improve auto-target system
  34. Weapon Transmog
  35. Ability to feed dog/cat
  36. Custom artifact loadouts (to change artifacts sets from character to character quickly)
  37. Better rewards for companionship
  38. Easier access to changing elements for Traveler
  39. Constant reminders for weekly reputation quests/bounties and parametric transformer
  40. Character skins
  41. Converting prototypes to others
  42. Frame rate limit of 60
  43. Additional team loadouts
  44. Serenitea Pot Menu Navigation


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